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Xtreme home-run

What is Xtreme Home run?

Xtreme Home Run is a series of Cyber events where barrel racers can set up and video themselves from home, then watch all entries on live feed. It was created in lieu of the 2020 shutdowns that left many races and events canceled. Videos submitted will be webcast live. Every video submitted will be shown on a live feed and be announced by our Xtreme announcer! This will be as close to an Xtreme event as possible while running at our Home arenas.


Classes available:

Open 5D .5 splits $55 (counts for year end awards, has progressive added $)


Carryover only classes:

Over N Under 3D .7 splits $25 (for riders 17 & under or 50+)

Prime 3D .7 splits $25 (for riders 18-49)

Youth 4D Standard format for riders 18 and under $25 (will count for year end awards)


Gift certificates for champions in each division!


Progressive $money$ added. 

For every 10 runners Xtreme will add $75 to the Open 5D $55 EF. 

Side pot classes $25: Over N Under, Prime, Youth, 10 & under



How TO setup/enter:

1. Enter the Cyber event using the entry link above. Open 5D (0.5 splits) entry fees are $55 per horse. Side pot classes include: Over N’ Under (3D with 0.7 splits), Prime (3D with 0.7 splits) and Youth (18 & under, standard 4D) entry fees are $25. All side pot classes will be a carry over only from the open. The Cyber events will count for Xtreme year end points. Each Cyber event will have progressive added money ($75 added for every 10 entries) and Made in USA Awards!!


2. Setup the pattern at the arena or area you will be running your Xtreme Cyber event. The pattern size needs to be 60’ x 70’ x 25’ (See Diagram). Be sure to have safe conditions for you and your horse.


3. Video the dimensions of your pattern size. Be sure to draw the timer line and place an item (cones, buckets etc.) to identify the start/finish line. Watch the how to video for assistance.


4. Video your run. Be sure to have someone videoing at the timer line with the timer/stopwatch (can be a phone stopwatch) visible while you start and complete your run. Your entire run must be in the video. Your run must be within the open entry time and can only be submitted once. Please don’t try to submit it from a different time we will be able to tell with the time stamp on your video. Do not start or stop the video more than 2 seconds before and after your run. We will have a best dressed award so get dressed up and have fun!


5. Upload your video to your entry on (see instructional video for assistance). Fill out your bio on SaddleBook and upload a photo. The Cyber event will be webcast live on Sunday at 2 p.m. MST. Yes, every video will be shown on a live feed and be announced by our Xtreme announcer! So, sit back and enjoy the ride!



To do list:

• Read all rules.


• Do not cheat or you will be banned from Xtreme and forfeit all entry fees (including Xtreme Million) and membership.


• Enter the Xtreme Home-Run using the link above.


• Setup your Xtreme Home-Run pattern, please watch video for setup instructions.


• Video your pattern setup and submit it with your entries. If multiple people are running on the same pattern the same day, you only need to submit one video. If you run on multiple days, you will need to submit for each day.


• Video your run in landscape mode by the start/finish line on the 1st Barrel.


• Use an electric eye if possible. If not, use a video stopwatch app or stopwatch. If using a stopwatch you must have it visible in   the video as you cross the start and finish line. If using a stopwatch we will add a 9 as the thousands number. Final time must be visible so we can record your time.


• Upload your video to your entry before midnight on May 2nd.


• Watch the live webcast on May 3rd 2pm MST.


• Checks and prizes will be mailed, so please make sure your mailing address is current in SaddleBook.


• Have fun and only run in safe conditions.



tips to center your pattern (watch video for more details):

• Find center of your arena.


• Place 3rd barrel centered in the arena.


• From 3rd barrel, measure 70’ straight down the arena.


• Measure 30’ in each direction from the center. This will help give you an idea of where the 1st and 2nd barrels will be.


• Continue on to measuring from 3rd Barrel to 1st and 2nd and then from 1st Barrel to 2nd Barrel.


• Place the barrels on the inside of the markers.


• Measure 25’ from 1st and 2nd Barrel for the start/finish line, mark with object and draw line.




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