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Xtreme Mini Million

How it Works:
$500 Entry Fee


1 Go multiple performances  

Based on rider only. There are no limits on how many times you can enter; You can even ride the same horse multiple times if you wish. 

Amazing awards: Xtreme Million Finals Entries, Burns Products, Redmond Equine, and much more!!  


The Xtreme Mini Million is a one go with 3-4 performances. 


Entry fee is $500 per run.


Based on rider only, not horse.


Unlimited amount of entries. You can run as many times as you would like. You can run the same horse multiple times if you would like. 


Side Pot Classes have progressive added money (see the Rules and FAQ page for more information). This helps the pot grow!!


70% of all entry fees will be paid out. 30% of the entry fee will go towards awards and expenses. 100% of the added money will be paid out.


All contestants must check in and have their photo taken prior to running. 


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