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Q: How many other events do I need to attend before the Xtreme Million? 


A: None! No previous races required, and no qualifications required. You can use the non qualification entry.




Q: Do I need to be a member?


A: There are NO memberships required for the 2021 Xtreme Million.




Q: Do I have to be present for the Xtreme Million Finals awards on the 27th?


A: No you do not have to be present for the awards ceremony on the 27th. Upon check in, we will take photos of everyone with the big check. We will mail checks and awards once we have a current W9 on file.




Q: If I enter a Qualifier and do not win a check in either go can I still attend the Xtreme Million Finals?


A: Yes. On the Xtreme Million entry form, you will be able to pay $250 to receive your spot. 




Q: If I have one entry in the qualifier and win two checks will I receive two spots into the finals? 


A: Spots into the finals is based on entry fee paid to check won. If you win two checks in the qualifier you will be able to add a second spot on your Xtreme Million Finals entry form for $775. 




Q: How many times do I get to run in the Finals on one entry fee or qualification? 


A: The finals is a one go with five performances (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). So you will run one time per entry fee/qualification.




Q: Can I have multiple spots into the finals?


A: Yes. It is a true open race based on rider only. There are no limits to how many times you can enter/qualify. You can even run the same horse as many times as you would like.

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