Rules and FAQ



1- We accept all major credit cards Venmo and cash. Checks are not accepted as a form of payment.

2- Open is a 5 D (.5, 1, 1.5, 2) Over N' Under is for anyone 50 and over or 17 and under 3D with .700 splits. Prime is for anyone 18-49 3D with .700 splits. The Over N Under and Prime Classes are carry over only classes. They are designed to increase your odds to win!

3- Late Entries which would like to be in the late draw needs to be entered by runner number 50. Late entries will be taken until the last runner runs and put at the end of the late draw. Open late fee is $25 per person or trip to the office. There is no late fee for an Xtreme Million Qualifier. We accept entries until the last runner runs. 

4- Vet or Sick out(Open and side pot classes)- 70% of entry will be refunded or 90% can be transferred to another Xtreme event when Vet or Dr. Release is received.  Email a Vet or Dr. release to  No vet outs after the race has begun. We will assist you in selling your stall if you are not able to attend. No transfers or buy outs for Open, Prime or Over N Under Classes. Xtreme Million Qualifier Vet/sick release is: 70% refund or you can transfer 100% to another qualifier. There are no refunds after you have ran in the qualifier. No rider substitutions. Horses can be switched at any time.  

5- Full western attire with hats/helmets, boots, and Long sleeve western shirt with cuffs and collar (no long sleeve tees) subject to a fine. $5 donation to the barrel setter if you lose your hat in the arena.

6- All dogs on a leash at all times. Subject to $100 fine. No dogs allowed inside buildings where food is present with the exception of service dogs. This rule can vary at different facilities please contact us for more information if needed.

7- If prior preferred running sections do not fill, running order will be moved up to fill empty slots. This does not guarantee you will run at a specific time or number its just a preference.

8- Must be present to win average awards or make arrangements with the office for someone to pick up your award. Checks will be mailed if not present. Average is based on all 3 goes. We take the fast times from all goes to determine the winners of all 5D's. If there is a tie in the average it will be decided by the person with the fastest time of the weekend. Please be present to win the saddles, we want to feature you in the Magazine Barrel Pen.

9- Personal portable stalls and tying to trailers are not permitted(with the exception of Riverside). All horses on grounds must be stalled. For those hauling in there will be a designated day parking lot.

10- The 5 in the drag must be in the holding pen before the end of the drag or you will be turned out. If you miss your turn you may re-enter and be out of the average.

11-  The start date and time is subject to change.

12- There is a $25 change fee for the open, prime and over n under.

13- No under age operating of motorized vehicles on grounds it’s the law.

14- No outside shavings allowed on the grounds. You may pre-purchase your shavings with your entry or purchase them on grounds(with the exception of Riverside, bring your own shavings to Riverside).

15- If you go off course you may complete your pattern. But you MAY NOT re-circle a barrel. There will be a $25 fine for circling the barrel more than once.

16- There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds, in stalls, or at trailers without prior approval from Burns Events. All Advertisements, flyers, posters or brochures must be pre approved before being hung on the grounds or posted on social media. Do not hang flyers on any glass or paint there will be a designated board.

17- Xtreme Forecast- Guess your Sunday time exactly to the thousandth and win a $5,000 Burns Custom Saddle! Forecasts must be in by the end of the race on Saturday.

18- To enter an Xtreme Barrel Race you need to be an Xtreme Club member which is $65 per person and includes an unlimited amount of horses.

19- To be eligible for year end awards you must run in 6 goes. Sanctioning will also be available. For a sanctioning partnership packet email

20- The futurity is for horses 5 years old and younger which have never competed before November 15th 2019. Maturity is for horses 7 years and younger. Copy of papers must accompany be emailed to Futurity and maturity is a 2D with .7 Splits. Futurity will pay 2 goes and the average. Maturity will pay two goes and have average awards. The Futurity and Maturity will be a carry over from the Open. 

21- Bring a friend campaign: Increase the pot by bringing your friends! The more friends you bring the more money we will add!  Xtreme progressive payout scale with a $85 EF is: 0-100 runners we will add $2,000, 101-200 runners we will add $3,000, 201-300 runners we will add $4,000, 301-400 runners we will add $5,000, 401-500 runners we will add $7,500 a day, 501-600 runners we will add $10,000 a day, 601-700 runners we will add $12,000 a day, 701-800 runners we will add $15,000 a day. Xtreme Races with a $55 EF the progressive added money will be: 0-50 $500 added, 51-100 $750 added, 101-150 $1,500, 151-200 $2,000 added, 201-300 $3,000 added. The Over N Under and Prime pay scale will be 0-50 runners $250 added, 51-100 runners $500 added, 101-150 runners $1,000 added each day per class. If the youth has under 30 runners the added money will be $250 per day if over 30 entries the youth will have $500 added per day.

22- Xtreme Bonus Bucks: XBB select Xtreme Sanctioned events will have a XBB side pot. Entries for the XBB will be taken on (entries must be received online before you run in the sanctioned event).  Xtreme will send the winners of the XBB side pot their winnings. There are two levels of XBB: $35 EF for every 10 runners Xtreme will add $50 to the XBB side pot. $55 EF for every 10 runners will add $100. The XBB will count for 1 qualification, you will receive 50 participation points and 1 point for every dollar earned.