How it works

In 2020-2021 Xtreme Million Qualifiers will be held throughout the Country. 

The Xtreme Million Finals will be held in Salina, Utah at the Blackhawk Arena where Xtreme Barrel Racing began in 1992.

How can I attend the Xtreme Million Finals? 

Enter a qualifier for $1250. You will receive two chances to qualify for the Xtreme Million Finals. If you win a check in either of the goes you will receive one spot into the finals. There is no additional entry fee into the finals if you qualify. If you do not receive a check at the qualifier you can pay $250 and enter the finals. If you win two checks in the qualifier (on one entry fee paid) you can pay $775 on your finals entry to receive an additional spot. These options replace the re entry option that was offered for the 2020 finals. If you are not able to attend a qualifier you can enter the finals for $1500.   

Benefits to entering an Xtreme Million Qualifier:

You have a chance to win more $$$ and awards!!

How do Qualifiers payout and how do I receive a spot? 

Qualifiers will be two goes giving you two chances to make $ in the qualifier and qualify for the Xtreme Million Finals! $310 of the entry fee is allotted for the qualifiers ($155 per go). Last place check must pay over $155. In order to pay all 5 Divisions there must be over 5 entries. We have provided a breakdown of how many checks are possible if all Divisions fill. If all Divisions do not fill last place check has to pay over $155 in the last paying Division. You can qualify 1 time for every Xtreme Million entry fee paid at each qualifying event. Example: If you paid 3 entries at the Salina, Utah qualifier and receive 4 checks. You will have 3 spots in the Xtreme Million Finals. If you have 2 entries paid into a qualifier and receive 1 check you will have 1 spot into the Xtreme Million Finals. To have the addition checks receive a spot into the finals you can pay the $775 option on your Xtreme Million finals entry form to receive the additional spot into the finals.  

Payout/Qualifying Spot Breakdown is based on total number of entries for example if there are: 

5-15 entries 10 checks/qualifying spots

16-27 entries 20 checks/qualifying spots

28-60 entries 30 checks/qualifying spots

61-94 entries 40 checks/qualifying spots

95-107 entries 50 checks/qualifying spots

Total number of spots are based off of the two goes for the weekend.

If there are under 5 entries all 5Ds will not be able to be paid. Example: if there are 3 entries there will be 2 possible checks in each go. The 2 checks will go to the winners of the 2 fastest Ds.

If a Division does not fill that money will be divided amongst the other divisions. Last place check just has to pay $155. The above is an example payoff if all Divisions fill.

There are great odds to qualify and you are guaranteed to be able to attend the finals!


What is the Breakdown of the entry fee?

 The $1250 entry fee breakdown is: $310 to the qualifier ($155 per go), $565 to the finals, $375 to awards and expenses.

The $1500 entry fee breakdown is: $1125 to the finals payout, $375 to awards and expenses.   

Can I ride a different horse at the finals than I qualify on? Can I made a rider change? 

You can enter the Xtreme Million qualifiers/finals as many times as you would like. Because we understand that things can happen with horses we will only be going off of rider. This means you can qualify on the same horse multiple times. Run whatever horse(s) you would like at the finals, yes even the same horse more than once or with a different qualified rider. Because it is based on rider only there are no rider changes. Because the payout is posted live and we won't decrease the pot there are no refunds on the Xtreme Million Qualifier or the Xtreme Million Finals.



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